Survey / Umfrage / Uuring / Sondaggio / Tutkimus

Beloved Readers,

We’ve recently partnered with the FEMSKT collective in Finland, as well as a handful of independent media and comics creators and activists from several pockets around the globe, to create the first-ever global survey on money, race, gender, and economics in comics.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever your involvement in comics, we would most sincerely appreciate your input on this intensive process. We’ve aimed to make the survey as painless as possible, although we must acknowledge that gaining a thorough perspective on this unregulated, unmonitored, and largely unstudied industry cannot be done haphazardly. We hope this survey will take most folks no more than 15 minutes of their time, but appreciate your thorough and complete efforts to describe your experiences.

We’ve so far translated the survey into Finnish, Latvian, Spanish, and English. We currently plan to allow the survey to stay live until June 1; at that point we will determine the best course of action for each translation. (We hope for a minimum of 100 respondents per language.)

We are seeking translators to complete our survey translations into French, German, Estonian, Swedish, Italian, Lithuanian, and Russian; we would be particularly happy to hear from folks that could provide Arabic, Mandarin, Indonesian, Japanese, Turkish, and Ukrainian translations as well. That said, if you see a need and can provide translations into any other languages, and are willing to help us translate responses later, please get in touch.

We couldn’t be more excited about this new project, and look forward to your insights.

5 thoughts on “Survey / Umfrage / Uuring / Sondaggio / Tutkimus

  1. Heipä hei!
    Miksi tutkimukseen osallistuakseen täytyy kirjautua sisään? Yleensä tutkimuksiin osallistutaan nimettömänä.
    Why one must sign in in order to take part in the survey? Usually surveys are anonymous.

  2. Heipä hei!
    I’m not sure what you mean–this survey is anonymous. Perhaps you are being prompted to sign in to Google to access the survey? If so, that information is not recorded for our purposes.

    We would have preferred not to use Google, but it was the only option that would let us have multiple similar forms for translation purposes!

  3. If I click on the “English” link, it asks me to sign in to Google. I have neither a Google account nor any desire to make one, so if that is the only way to access the survey, I will not be able to complete it, and neither will anybody else in my situation. Sorry 😦

  4. Hi Morag,

    Yes, as I mention above, we had to go with Google because it was the only way to accomplish this variety of survey. We *totally* understand if creating a Google account is not a concession you’re willing to make!

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