Comics Undressed


Comics Undressed is a documentary film showcasing interviews with comic creators, readers, scholars, vendors, and fans who highlight underlying forms of misrepresentation, gender and racial bias, discrimination, and economic injustice that occur within the comics community. Comics Undressed shows the comics community baring all—in its own words.

Director: Fran Syass

Executive Producer: Anne Elizabeth Moore

Produced by Caitlin Mattia and Lindsey Smith

Director of Photography: Caitlin Mattia

Cinemagrapher: Kevin Veselka

Interviewers: Amanda Rachel Breslow, Delia Jean, and Joshua Esmaneuel David Slater

Music by: Amanda Rachel Breslow

Poster Illustration by: Danielle Chenette

This project was successfully funded by a Kickstarter. For a bit more about what we’re doing, check out these press mentions:

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