SEASON FOUR on Truthout!

LDs4_SBRoots+Migrations_PREVIEWWe’re thrilled to announce that our long-running (in digital media at least!) comics journalism series for Truthout will return with a Fourth Exciting Season focusing on food production, racial justice, and public health.

This year we did something new and fun: we asked readers to choose the topic for the series and name their favorite artists working in that area. Look for our first strip with Sarah Becan (preview image above!) here on March 10!

(And feel free to provide more great suggestions in the comments!)


New Ridiculous Stickers

That’s right, someone made the mistake of giving us a grant, and we’ve been working with the awesome folks over at VG Kids to turn half those dollars into SERIOUS STUFF (details TK) and the other half into PURE SILLINESS (see below).


The latest merch is a 3″ x 3″ clear vinyl sticker with a skull and crossbones tabby with ink pens*. Unfortunately, in order to receive it, you will have to designate CAT STICKER when you order your book or T. Otherwise you might get a MISOGYNY STICKER and no one wants to accidentally receive reminders about misogyny!!! We already know about it!!!

These stickers will only be available with another item or at one of the bazillions of events we will be at this spring and summer, details TK, like we said above, we swear, we’ve just got a lot of stuff on our plate right now.

*Recent reports from medical examiners seem to indicate that tabbies, for whatever reason, are the most likely of all domestic felines to begin chowing on you after your death.

F*&K FAST FASHION Ts are Here!


Our US union-made T’s finally arrived and we are pretty much dying with excitement about them.  Now, for a limited time, in hot-pink text, you can have

F*&K FAST FASHION: This US union-made shirt brought to you by The Ladydrawers

emblazoned across an area slightly above your privates, in M or L, muscle T or regular sleevey T options, FOREVER as long as you never take the shirt off or cover it up with another shirt (not recommended). Order here!

We’re also holding a giveaway on our Twitter feed now, for a Ladies L Muscle T in exchange for the best drawing tweeted to us of a cat swearing about fast fashion. Tweet your image to @TheLadydrawers to enter!


Villa Salin

The Ladydrawers joined the Finnish FEMSKT crew in Helsinki’s Villa Salin in November for a three-day research extravaganza, and it was like a little queer comics utopia, except for the math and the sauna being all the way outside.
2014-11-24 19.36.49

At Ida Salin’s house, there’s a secret stairway that goes from her bedroom directly to the domestic worker’s bed.2014-11-24 19.36.59

Here’s the hallway a Villa Salin.2014-11-24 19.42.06Some art.
2014-11-24 19.42.25More art.  2014-11-24 20.23.30 This may be Ida Salin, turn-of-the-last-century-button-magnate-and-potentially-closeted-lesbian? Unclear.2014-11-25 09.09.24 The view from the kitchen.2014-11-26 18.34.33 Our work. Surprise! It involved a lot of lists and charts.
2014-11-26 18.36.13 As usually, much of our super fun time was devoted to math.2014-11-26 18.37.02 Just a collection of reading materials, you know, how we roll.2014-11-26 19.58.14 - Version 2 If you make a serious request of the FEMSKT or Ladydrawers crews, you will get free jokes about cats.1502867_10153313297747004_3013001930926798940_o Talking about parenthood and comics.10714270_10153313286552004_5157963481187279986_o - Version 2 Prepping the survey.10830220_10153313294882004_3491965605404604192_oKaaha, the cutest baby in the world, tried to distract us from collecting data on parenthood and comics. NICE TRY, CUTE BABY.


Kaaha, by Laura Kenins.