Aw yeah! The Escher Girls posted our Kickstarter on their blog! A really big Thank You to them. Please check out their Tumblr for your daily dose of awesome!


Hey everyone check out this new video! Its an excerpt from an interview with comics creator and Ladydrawer Delia Jean. A pledge of at least $10 or more will gain you access to our private Tumblr page, which has more content and videos from the Comics Undressed documentary.

Yesterday, we interviewed our close friend, collaborator, and fellow Ladydrawer, Delia Jean, for our documentary Comics Undressed. Expect a short clip soon!

The interview ended amazingly with a fist bump between Delia and one of our new documentary interviewers, Slater; aka “The Auxiliary 6th Ranger.” 



Hey guys, the SMRG show is at its last week, so this will also be the last week the Ladydrawers documentary crew will be available to do interviews with the public. If you have an opinion about comics or even if you think you have none, we’d love to have you on camera. Moreover, your interview might be used for our upcoming documentary Comics Undressed.

Our hours at the A+D Gallery are from 3:30pm to 5:00pm Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Contact us at to reserve a 15 minute time slot. Come speak your mind and be in a movie. Here is a link to our Kickstarter.