Welcoming Femicomix Finland!

kollaasi_web_valmisThe Ladydrawers Comics Collective is pleased as punch to welcome Femicomix Finland (AKA The FEMSKT Collective) to the shores of Lake Michigan for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE)!

After collaborating with this crew for the last year and a half (at Villa Salin, at this event at Naisasialiitto Unioni, and waaaaayyyyy before that at this data-crunching project in Helsinki), we’re thrilled to finally be able to show off our corrupt and rapidly neoliberalizing city and its strong history of radical, queer, feminist research and publishing.

Here’s a bit about the group, translated from the FInnish:

Femicomix Finland does workshops, socializing, and support. Femicomix Finland is antiracist, inclusive, and aims to make its activities accessible to groups of all genders, races, and physical abilities. The group respects everyone’s right to self-definition. Anyone into antiracist and feminist comics, as a creator or reader, or is otherwise interested in what we do is welcome to join!

In the past the group has organized a festival, open workshops, public comics readings, two feminist residences, and other fabulous events. More is to come!

We’ll be participating together in the June 4 event at Women & Children First, and sharing each others’ stuff on June 6 and 7 at CAKE.

Then you can catch their sketchbook show and a Grassroots Comics workshop at Comfort Station in Logan Square on Sunday from 6 to 9 pm.

Northwestern University Panel Pix

2015-05-20 18.05.11

Our amazing panel featured Morgan, Sheika, Ray, and Delia.

2015-05-20 18.08.00

Delia and Grass Ox—a one-year-old stuffed muskox that’s running for president—share a quiet moment before the panel while Ray looks on.

Image 1

Ray shows off a few of their works—on the left is the back cover from the upcoming How To Draw Comics The Ladydrawers Way.Image 2

Sheika talks about gender and race diversity as a comics creator.Image 3

Delia shows off a few images from an upcoming TOP-SECRET PROJECT we CAN’T WAIT TO TELL YOU ABOUT but HAVE TO.Image 4

After the panel we had a very small, 20-minute comic-con, which was probably the best comic-con any of us have ever been to because everyone was nice and friendly but also it was over very quickly.Image 5

Grass Ox makes his way toward the wares. We had to keep an eye on this one.Image 11

Delia mostly was in charge of keeping an eye on her new pal Grass Ox.Image

We don’t have images of Morgan’s brief talk about gender and sexual diversity in her erotic work,  but it was awesome. Here’s the whole crew with Anne Elizabeth Moore, panel moderator, asking some kind of question, and/or layin’ down facts, which The Ladydrawers have taken to calling Annesplaining.

How To Draw Comics

(image copyright Sheika Lugtu 2015)

(image copyright Sheika Lugtu 2015)

Announcing! How To Draw Comics The Ladydrawers Way is now available for a special pre-order price here! You will also be able to pick it up at our June 4 event at Women & Children First, or June 6 & 7 at CAKE!

What’s in it? Good question! We’ve got contributions from Janelle Asselin, Nicole Boyett, Terri Kapsalis, Franny Howes, Mardou, Melissa Mendes, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Ray Swanson, Sheika Lugtu, and Esther Pearl Watson. Positively, absolutely, 100% guaranteed to teach you how to draw comics The Ladydrawers way!*

*Just kidding! We only guarantee cat jokes.

Early Warning: 6 pm, June 4 at Women & Children First

We just wanted to warn you well in advance that The Ladydrawers Comics Collective will be joined by Femicomix Finland at 6 PM on THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 2015 at Women & Children First to get you ready for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE). We’re likely to host a series of performances, readings, games, and possibly interpretive dances from international comics creators that will show you how to make comics The Ladydrawers Way™. You will also be able to peruse the debut of our new anthology, How To Draw Comics The Ladydrawers Way™! By the end of the evening you will definitely know how to draw comics The Ladydrawers Way™!*

Please make note in your calendars of this earth-shatteringly important event and arrive early, ideally wearing more than one hat.
*Education not guaranteed.

Panel at NWU’s Center for the Writing Arts

We’ll be chatting sex and gender empowerment in comics at Northwestern University in a few weeks, so mark your calendars now:

6 p, 20 May, 2015
Northwestern University’s Center for the Writing Arts
Annie May Swift Hall, Peggy Dow Helmerich Auditorium, 1st floor
1920 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208

All our books and stuff will be available for sale in addition to our free nuggets of wisdom, on top of which: a mass of Ladydrawers only get together in the same room really about once a year? So it’s a little bit of a historic event. Don’t miss it.

Survey / Umfrage / Uuring / Sondaggio / Tutkimus

Beloved Readers,

We’ve recently partnered with the FEMSKT collective in Finland, as well as a handful of independent media and comics creators and activists from several pockets around the globe, to create the first-ever global survey on money, race, gender, and economics in comics.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever your involvement in comics, we would most sincerely appreciate your input on this intensive process. We’ve aimed to make the survey as painless as possible, although we must acknowledge that gaining a thorough perspective on this unregulated, unmonitored, and largely unstudied industry cannot be done haphazardly. We hope this survey will take most folks no more than 15 minutes of their time, but appreciate your thorough and complete efforts to describe your experiences.

We’ve so far translated the survey into Finnish, Latvian, Spanish, and English. We currently plan to allow the survey to stay live until June 1; at that point we will determine the best course of action for each translation. (We hope for a minimum of 100 respondents per language.)

We are seeking translators to complete our survey translations into French, German, Estonian, Swedish, Italian, Lithuanian, and Russian; we would be particularly happy to hear from folks that could provide Arabic, Mandarin, Indonesian, Japanese, Turkish, and Ukrainian translations as well. That said, if you see a need and can provide translations into any other languages, and are willing to help us translate responses later, please get in touch.

We couldn’t be more excited about this new project, and look forward to your insights.