Growing Season: not over yet!

A Ladydrawers Meeting

Our quest to explore connections between food policy, public health, and race in comics form won’t end until March, but we thought we’d drop an update on you in the mean time. Our first update traced the humble origins of our project from a local Chicago artist’s garden to native food gathering traditions in Washington State (with Sarah Becan); then highlighted connections between food policy, consumption, and race in two strips about a farm collective on the East Coast (with Melissa Mendes) and a final strip by Sarah  Becan on the origins and machinations of food law.

Epidemic (drawn by Mendes, excerpted above) took a slightly more personal turn, and looked at the growing numbers of autoimmune diseases among members of our own comics collective, while Sheika Lugtu followed it up by illustrating a strip called … Like Lupus, in which specific racialized implications of these diseases and their treatments are discussed.

…Like Lupus promo

We’re excited to have active Ladydrawers member Sheika working with us on this strip (above), and on the final two in the series (still upcoming.) She’s an amazing force of fun and smarts!


We’re equally excited to have brought Laura Ķeniņš on board the strip, a Canadian resident who’s worked with us since her days in Latvia. She drew The Sixth Mass Extinction, a look at soil diversity through the work of Chicago-based artist Claire Pentecost, and (below) Superbug Apocalypse! A look at a potential impact of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) on public health. (Fortunately for us, although unfortunately for the world, the publication of this piece coincided with a BBC report on the actual pending superbug apocalypse, so it’s been quite a popular strip.)


In the months ahead, Laura will illustrate a piece on meat processing and disease, and Sheika’s final two strips will look at violence as a public health crisis. These will, again, probably hit kind of close to home, so keep an eye out for them, only at Truthout.



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