Radical Chicago Publishing Timeline (at Women & Children First)

Front Window with Ray

Throughout the month of June, as a celebration of both the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) and Pride, The Ladydrawers were pleased to occupy the front window of Women & Children First Books in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood. With a timeline of queer and POC printing and radical research projects from Chicago’s history written by Anne Elizabeth Moore (with a fantastic research assist or two from Paul Gehl of the Newberry Library) and drawn by Delia Jean, The Ladydrawers improvised a Chicago-themed political publishing overview for one of the oldest feminist bookstores in the country. (Pictured above: unnamed woman to the far left, Morgan, Ray, AEM, Sheika, Delia Jean. Also, Ray again, but real, peeking over the top of the painting. Remember our process shots from the install?)

It was an incredibly fun experiment for us. If you want to invite us to do something similar in your storefront or window, let us know and we can send you our rates!

The artists who helped implement and/or take down the window included: Kitty, Amy, Rae, Delia, Sheika, AEM, and Anna, on loan from Femicomix Finland. There were probably other folks who helped out, too; please leave a comment below so we can add you. Or: if you saw the window and liked it, let us know what you liked about it!

Second Window  The second window, covering the years prior to The Ladydrawers’ existence, 1947-1970.3 SisterhoodIsBlooming 4 JaneCollective 5 3rdWindow

1914-1930. Did you know gay and lesbian literature was arguably born here in Chicago?6 FourthWindow

The very first window started with the fire (above, it was hard to photograph) and the years 1889-1905, from the Haymarket Riots to the Chicago Defender.7 AddamsAgain 8 AddamsCats We tried to pair books with the images through which passersby would see them; Jane Addams obviously got Dancing With Cats.9 guy 10 DeliaDocumentingandRepping 11 HaymarketRiot 12 QueerLit 13 RayWithPortUSE Ray, posing behind their likeness. 14 zines This minis Ray had folks make. 15 Love,UsThen, of course, we had to leave some underpants behind. We signed ’em, special, for Women & Children First!


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