Minimum Wage Mug

MWMWe’re doing a new thing at Ladydrawers HQ, which is generate occasional stuff with our stuff on it. We’re planning a t-shirt line, but obviously we have quite a bit of research and investigation into sweat-free and union-made claims to get done before we can make them. We’re also planning a string of worker-owned strip clubs. Just kidding. We don’t have time for that. (But if *you* do it, let us know what kind of merch you want us to make to support you. We’ll split the profits!)

Why are we doing this? Well, we’re hoping to add a whole new spate of unpaid work to our upcoming year. But to do that, we’ll need to find a way to pay our folks anyway. Think of it as the Slow Crowd-Funding Movement. Or, since you basically get the perks right away, a Fast Crowd-Funding Movement. Or just Capitalism.

Which brings us to our Minimum Wage Mug. It is available in two sizes, 11 and 15 oz. It is drawn by the delightful Delia Jean, occasional food-service worker and comics creator, and a member of The Ladydrawers Comics Collective. Unlike many mugs, this mug is polemical in nature. It espouses a viewpoint that seeks to ensure the economic viability of food-service workers, a largely feminine workforce. Like many mugs, you can also drink coffee out of it. Or other things. Whatever you want.

It’s not a cheap mug—the small one’s $18.95 and the big one’s $21.20—but the manager of your restaurant probably needs to restock mugs anyway. The back’s on the left and the front’s on the right. Unless you’re left-handed. Then, the opposite.




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