Finnish Stats: Kaisa Leka



Kaisa Leka did some research into the prizes awarded Finnish comics artists in the last four decades. She writes:

I hate it when comics have to be explained, but here’s a translation and explanation I wrote on Facebook:

Translation: One hat in the drawing represents six “Puupäähattu” comics prizes awarded to a Finnish artist during the years 1972-2013. (Except the topmost male hat, which represents five prizes, making the total six awards to female artists and 35 to male.)

Explanation to non-Finnish readers: The prize is named after a famous classic comics character who wore a similar hat, and the person who gets the prize also receives a very nice felted hat in the same style.

You can see more of Leka’s work at her website, in the blog she keeps with her partner Christopher here, or read about her more (in English) in this interview.


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