Our Fashion Year & Other Projects at URI-EICHEN


We’re pleased to announce the first of our stateside events in 2014, a February art exhibition devoted to our current Truthout series, Our Fashion Year, at URI-EICHEN gallery in Chicago.

Our Fashion Year is a year-long, in-depth series of monthly comics reports on gender and labor concerns throughout the international garment and sex trades. You can read them individually: Fast Fashion is hereLet’s Go Shopping is here, and  Julia Gfrörer’s final strip on this series, The Business of Thrift, is here. We’ve published one strip to date from Melissa Mendes, about Foreign Trade Zones, the secret denationalized spaces through which most imports flow (and consequently, a lot of money). It’s called Zoned, and we’re pleased that it’s proven one of our most popular strips yet!

The exhibition will be the first print appearance of Gfrörer and Mendes’ collaborations with Anne Elizabeth Moore on the series—in gorgeous, humungous giclée prints—as well as strips by Sarah Jaffe and Delia Jean and (hopefully) a preview of Comics Undressed.

We’re really excited to have this work at URI-EICHEN, and promise to post details on the big opening bash we’ll host there in early February soon.


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