On Not Being a Dick: Announcing Our Newest Project!

With apologies to those of us who possess penises, whether bodily affixed or no, the Ladydrawers of Chicago, Illinois are pleased to announce a new series of strips with Bitch Media, an exciting addition to our ever-expanding mini-media conglomeratelette called Don’t Be a Dick: The Ladydrawers on Comics Sales. Even more exciting (if you are a big geek, which, no offense, you probably are) is that we’re bringing aboard a new writer for the series, Janelle Asselin. Our good pal hails from DC Comics, is completing a stint at Disney and about to get hitched; she’s been studying gender and marketing in the comics industry for a few years and is now embarking on the freelance life. While we’ve been working together behind the scenes, we’re thrilled to have a forum to formally collaborate on bringing her work to the public eye in comics form.

Don’t Be a Dick will appear on Bitch Media monthly starting January 2014. Using original research, existing datasets compiled by diversity-minded comics compatriots, artists with a range of gender and race identities, and jokes, the new Ladydrawers series will explore the diverse world of comics readership and not-so-hard-to grasp (but apparently difficult to implement) best practices for not forcing them to turn them away from publishers, stores, or books in disgust.

Don’t Be a Dick joins the Ladydrawers documentary Comics Undressed and our flagship series Ladydrawers on Truthout, currently exploring labor and gender issues in the international garment trade, as our ongoing projects. They are all awesome.


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