LD, S3: Back and radder than ever


We’ve announced it in various forums already, but in case you missed the news, the Ladydrawers strip has been renewed for a third “season” on Truthout (links to the right), which means that, over the next year, you’ll continue to find amazing comics journalism on the site from brilliant but underpublished creators on the second Tuesday of every month. Not only that, but we’re switching the scope of the strip up a bit.

Introduced a little bit in last months’ collaborative piece, Being of Service, by Sarah L. Jaffe, Delia Jean, and Anne Elizabeth Moore (excerpted above and which is getting quite a bit of play this week due to the fast-food workers’ strikes and the jobs report), upcoming strips will focus on gender, labor, and economics. Unlike July’s strip, the next year will focus on the garment industry and the sex industry—globally. And we’ll be working with artists for longer periods of time—three months, mostly—to better develop the complex language comics journalism takes, both to read and to create. (In fact, In a couple weeks we’ll start looking closely at Fast Fashion, in the first in a series of strips with Julia Gforer. Get ready!)

Finally, we’re pleased to be able to announce that Anne Elizabeth Moore has been granted a USC Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Fellowship in support of her work on the strip. Considering the caliber of the previous fellows, and their eagerness to support the still-unusual form, she’s thrilled at what this means for the state of comics journalism today.

Finally, as always, we continue to seek artists of color—gender optional—to work with us on the strip. Please send along three sample strips and a brief cover letter explaining your interest to TheLadydrawers@gmail.com so we can get to know you better.


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