SEX. MONEY. RACE. GENDER. Workshop Series


Our first workshop, Drawing out the History of Riot Grrrl Press with May Sumer Farnsworth, Jamie Davida Lee, and Fran Syass, was held opening weekend, on June 29. Participants initiated a series of verbal and image-based queries that will prompt reflection from Riot Grrrl Press participants, aiming to rewrite a history gotten wrong by mainstream media. The collaborative zine will be available sometime in the fall.

Upcoming workshops:

Thursday July 11, 5:30 pm
In a collaborative effort, workshop attendees will create a work exploring sexual health based on Mort Walker’s satirical look at comics devices for cartoonists, The Lexicon of Comicana.

Thursday July 18, 5:30 pm
Life and Labor
Delia Jean and Sarah Jaffe

We all know what it means to work, but what extra effort do certain forms of labor extract from us? This workshop explores what it takes to make an honest living with a particular focus on how the service industry and comics can overlap.

Thursday July 25, 5:30 pm
This workshop challenges identities and identifications through pop and props. Thinking through gender, race, and (inner and outer) space, participants will form and “perform” their own pop bands and solo acts.Fun FOBulous times!!!

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