Let’s face it, we suck at them. That’s because we’re, like, a lot of underpaid people, most of whom would rather be drawing funny stuff than showing it to anybody, and the rest of whom, frankly, are just good at math. Or writing about math. Or have a lot of comics. Which is one reason we’ve added a new bios page, here: Who We Are. If you’ve been involved in anything we’ve ever done, but your bio isn’t on there, leave us a comment (with your bio). Do the same if you have updated info or just want to say hi. Really: we’re striving for accuracy, but can’t get there without your guidance. And we’re currently stuck in the waiting room at a bus depot, and it smells bad in here. Help!

We’re also gearing up to make some very very exciting announcements, very very soon. So we’re going to be shifting things about a bit on the site here, and while it has our attention, you are invited to let us know what else you’d like to see here. We’re about to host our first exclusive interview (with someone very exciting), and start creating more original content, so feel free to think big. Or very tiny! Like a newborn kitty. Cuuuuuute!

In the mean time, of course, our Tumblr’s been going gangbusters, as has the Truthout strip (with this Lyra Hill-drawn strip going crazy viral, what up internet?). Sort of maybe a little bit related, but also mostly not, one of us has done some preliminary research on race and gender in horror films, and you might think that’s cool too.

We also want to give a particular shout-out to Sarah Becan’s-illustrated Truthout strip Mirror, Mirror. It’s the culmination of our first round of investigations into the comics industry, and we’ve taken the month off to recover. When the strip comes back in 2013, we’ll be looking at some of the root causes of gender and race bias, and how they cause economic and legal injustice. It will be great.

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