Call for Participation: Congressional Pop Quiz

Folks! We’ve decided to extend our deadline by two weeks! Please submit comments or drawn queries to or via our Tumblr ( by Monday October 15! And read on for more!—Ed., Sept. 29

Our amazing road trip with Christine Cupiauolo, the managing editor of Our Bodies, Ourselves, made two things really clear.

    1. Congress desperately needs accurate, evidence-based information about sexual and reproductive health. OBVIOUSLY there is some misinformation floating around about women’s bodies, although truth be told I suspect just as much misinformation is bandied about in re: dudes.
    2. Sex ed is one of the funnest things you can do with your time.

So we’ve devised a way to get more people involved. Afterall, as the project of Our Bodies, Ourselves underscores, there are no greater experts on bodies than their owners: there should be no louder policy advocates than the bodies being legislated.

The latest Truthout strip asks readers to submit questions for a Congressional Pop Quiz on the workings of your body. We’d like you—the cartoonists, the ladydrawers, the gender-aware media makers—to submit illustrated questions. You can use the questions from the Truthout comments section, generate queries among your own communities, or just straight-up ask Akin to identify the different between your vag and, say, a praying mantis. Which, actually, is pretty damn good at shutting “that whole thing down.”

We’d like questions on sex and reproductive health, of course, but questions about gender seem appropriate too. Marriage, partner benefits—it seems a little bit endless, what we must ensure congress knows before further legislation is enacted. Anything. Be creative. Be funny. Be accurate. Use evidence-based resources, and cite them, so interested parties (R, D) can read more.

Most important: submit them to us here at or on our Tumblr by October 1. We’ll publish everything we receive here and on our Tumblr that fits the above guidelines (so include your website in your submission for proper credit), and choose the very best ones to print or publish in a quiz we’ll send directly to congress. (We might even have a way to pay you.) Line art only, please!

Can’t draw? Submit your text question on Truthout’s comment section, work with a friend who does like to draw, or do it anyway. You’re the expert: on your body, and on what you want to say about how it should be legislated.


4 thoughts on “Call for Participation: Congressional Pop Quiz

  1. I’m part of the World War 3-illustrated collective and will pass on your zine to the group. I do comix on similar topics and see that you are mostly in Chicago. I’m in Milwaukee, altho my collective is mostly in NYC. Let me know of events and shows . . .

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