Big Book of Stats Fundraising Campaign

Wow, it’s been such a big day at Ladydrawers HQ. First WAM! Writes a totally sweet blog post about our work, then we launch a fundraising campaign to fund our next book! (Above is an artists’ rendering ONLY. Not indicative of actual book. Except the cat. And maybe the amaze-lines coming from it?)

First, the WAM! niceness: Noting that, despite equal submission rates, men are published more often than female and trans creators, the blog post gives a nod to our latest Ladydrawers strip on Truthout, and then lists some other great folk involved in the Adventure School and cool feminist web comics all over the US.

Boyett, Dahm, and Moore use the same medium from which women and transgender people are underrepresented. And their strip looks pretty amazing. Not to mention that it’s full of cool statistics from … a collective that researches and publishes comics and texts about the impact of class, race, sexuality, and gender in the comics industry.

What’s exciting is that we’re trying to put out a new book of the first year of Truthout strips, plus brand new stuff we’ll make this summer. We do need your help, but in return you’ll get all these cool perks—like a custom-made pair of underpants.

Or, as we like to call ’em, lady drawers.

Visit the campaign here. And what we’re asking people to do is three things: share it, fund it, and share it again. Because it’s important we put this book out, but it’s also important people understand why the book is necessary.


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