The Role of Marketing

Do you think comics are effectively marketed to women?
Yes 79 4%
No 1630 92%
What forms of marketing comics do you think are most effective in selling comics to women?
Previews (the catalog) 266 17%
Individual comic shop marketing 518 33%
Television and movie adaptations 1084 69%
Previews (advanced views at a comic) 466 30%
Reviews 841 54%
Interviews and feature articles on comic sites 721 46%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
Do you think comics publishers are better or worse at marketing to women than companies in other typically male-driven industries like video games?
Better 594 34%
Worse 1008 57%
Do you think the direct market is good at marketing itself and its products?
Yes 584 33%
No 974 55%
Between the community, the cultural preconceptions, the content, or the marketing, which do you think plays the biggest role in the low percentage of women in comics?
Community 84 5%
Cultural preconceptions 812 46%
Content 163 9%
Marketing 73 4%
All of the above 510 29%
Other 121 7%

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