The Role of Content

What’s the gender of your favorite comic book character?
Female 548 31%
Male 1033 59%
Other 182 10%

Not sure what people count as “other” BUT I’m interested to see how close this divide is to the divide in gender of respondents.

Do you think content is a deciding factor for women who do or don’t read comics?
Yes, I think the current content of comics keeps women away. 931 53%
Yes, I think the current content of comics brings women in. 128 7%
No, I think the current content of comics is fine and women aren’t reading for other reasons. 478 27%
No, I think the current content of comics is fine and women are reading them. 159 9%
Do you think women in comics are accurately portrayed?
Yes 48 3%
No 428 24%
Sometimes 1249 71%

Yes, I realize this was vague given the broad amount of genres it covered.  But it’s still an interesting breakdown.

Do you think female creators are better at portraying female characters?
Yes 1168 66%
No 511 29%
Do you think increasing female creators in comics would increase female readership?
Yes 1365 77%
No 340 19%

Is gender of comics creators a deciding factor in your comics purchases?
Yes 139 8%
No 1575 89%

4 thoughts on “Readership Statistics, III: The Role of Content

  1. Wowser… your methodology on this was really sloppy. Firstly your questioning is inconsistent, vague, undirected in places & loaded in other places… Not to mention a lack of a preface at the start of the study. In fact the only conclusion you could really draw from any of these numbers is that people in large numbers are ignorant of the realities of the industry & are more then a little self entitled.

  2. Hi Kelly – This was not a formal study or anything formal at ALL. I said in the preface to part I that it was a casual survey. This was more about seeing what a group of people who read comics think about the state of the industry, not about being a definitive survey on the facts of the industry. It was in support of the thesis I wrote, but not my only research by a long shot. Also, what’s not included here are the nearly 2000 text responses to the more in-depth questions I asked, which would’ve been impossible to run in full.

    Also, I’m not sure what you mean by your last statement, about being “ignorant of the realities of the industry” and “more than a little self entitled” but frankly I think this is reflective of the experiences most women in comics have today.

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