Helsingin Sanomat

Yh­dys­val­lois­sa nai­set tie­naa­vat vä­hem­män kuin mie­het – ku­ten meil­lä­kin. Sar­ja­ku­va-a­lal­la ero on suo­ras­taan hui­kea: nai­sen dol­la­ri on vain 27 sent­tiä. Tä­män sai sel­vil­le Anne Elizabeth Mooren ve­tä­mä La­dyd­ra­wers-­ryh­mä, jo­ka on tut­ki­nut nais­ten ase­maa sar­ja­ku­va-a­lal­la yli nel­jä vuot­ta. Moo­re kä­si­kir­joit­taa ai­he­pii­ris­tä sar­ja­ku­via, joi­ta ryh­män jä­se­net piir­tä­vät. “Su­ku­puo­li on sar­ja­ku­va-a­lal­la pal­jon kor­keam­pi muu­ri kuin muual­la. On vai­kea sa­noa, mis­tä kai­kes­ta […]

Our Fashion Year & Other Projects at URI-EICHEN

We’re pleased to announce the first of our stateside events in 2014, a February art exhibition devoted to our current Truthout series, Our Fashion Year, at URI-EICHEN gallery in Chicago. Our Fashion Year is a year-long, in-depth series of monthly comics reports on gender and labor concerns throughout the international garment and sex trades. You can read them […]

Don’t Be A Dick: The Roster!

Ladydrawers is soooooo excited to announce the artists  for our upcoming collaboration with Bitch Media beginning in January 2014! Don’t Be A Dick will take a close look at comics sales, marketing, readership, and easy steps the industry could take to embrace a more diverse fan base. Our January strip will be an introduction to the […]