Dorothy Gambrell

Dorothy Gambrell is the creator of the long running and overly educated webcomic “Cat and Girl” that successfully straddles the line between knock-knock joke and philosophical dialogue. Gambrell also produces humorous/sad infographics at Very Small Array, keeps an ongoing document of how she spends other people’s money at Donation Derby and drew another strip (now […]

Corinne Mucha

By Krystal DiFronzo Corinne Mucha is a cartoonist and illustrator who currently works in Chicago. She graduated from RISD with a major in illustration. She’s has published a book entitled My Alaskan Summer which was funded with a Xeric grant in 2007. She has also self-published countless mini comics and has been featured in many […]

Gabrielle Bell [from Punk Planet]

Gabrielle Bell speaks incredibly deliberately. Slowly, pronouncing each word carefully, as if weighing its application to each sentence as she utters it. It’s jarring, but she doesn’t want to miscommunicate, be misunderstood, or lose her audience in a rush, with too complicated a word or image, or by dazzling too fantastically. It’s the same quality […]

Christa Donner [from Punk Planet]

Fine artist, zinester, and comics creator Christa Donner is quieter and smaller than you’d imagine: Her humungous wall-sized drawings protrude from corners, chandeliers erupting violently from body interiors, shapes spindling wildly into esophageal forms and escaping their owners. Her comics describe equally wild maladies: a rash erupts into a medical mutation, disgusting disfigurations peek out […]

Julie Doucet [from Punk Planet]

Ask most people to name the greatest working female cartoonist, and they’ll reply, “Julie Doucet.” They’re wrong—Doucet stopped cartooning close to seven years ago—but their hearts are in the right place. Her comics are uniquely expressive, immediately recognizable, and provide instant, easy access to a compelling moment in history. Perhaps unfortunately, the greatest female cartoonist description follows her around US cartooning circles today. Ask most […]