Sara Varon: Bio

Sara Varon is best known for her 2003 wordless comic Sweatherweather. Her work is known for its multitude of anthropomorphic animals, robots, snowmen, and even bakery goods, as well as questioning the notion of personal children comics. She has published titles such as Robot Dreams 2007, Chicken and Cat 2006, and its follow up, Chicken […]

Erika Moen: Bio

Erika Moen began her web comic DAR! in 2003 and continued the comic until in 2009 she began self-publishing the web comic and stopped the series. DAR! is an autobiographical comic that follows Erika’s quirky life, first as an emotional lesbian in art school and then to her mid-20s married to a English man. Her […]

Hellen Jo: Bio

A San Francisco comic book creator, Hellen Jo’s first comic Jin and Jam #1 is a comic about its titular characters being teens and wasting time, but her work, inspired by manga and southeast Asian art, is equally surreal and unpredictable. In her work, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a random fish swimming through […]

Vanessa Davis: Bio

Vanessa Davis contributes to a monthly column at, but she is probably most known for her comic Spaniel Rage. Vanessa Davis is known for her autobiographical comics that are said to be completely uninhibited. Spaniel Rage for instance was a drawn retelling of her own diary. She has contributed to the New York Times, […]

Sharon Rudahl: Bio

In the 70’s, Sharon Rudahl was one of the first women to have work published in underground comix publications. She was also part of the Wimmen’s Comix collective, during its inception in 1972. In 1980, she released her own comic, Adventures of Crystal Night. In 2007, she published a graphic biography of Emma Goldman, called […]

Alison Cole: Bio

Alison Cole is known for her comics that feature gender ambiguous characters, which were inspired by an old photo of her and her brother in snowsuits. She has released a graphic novel, Never Ending Summer in 2004. Alison Cole is a graduate of RISD and continues to work in Rhode Island. She has been featured […]

Barbara Brandon-Croft: Bio

Barbara Brandon-Croft’s has been the first black woman, since Jackie Ormes, to have a nationally syndicated comic strip. Her strip, Where I’m Coming From follows the lives of a dozen or so black woman and their circumstances living as an African American woman in America. She has published two collections of her strips, Where I’m […]

Liz Baillie: Bio

Liz Baillie is a New York based comic book creator. She is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in cartooning in 2002 and has garnered praise for her breakout comic in 2007, My Brain Hurts. The comic is a compilation of her earlier mincomics, and chronicles a group of gay friends as they […]