ZONED for sale on Etsy!

Sadly, the Uri-Eichen show comes down at the end of the week, but unsadly, that means our most popular strip ever is available in print for shipping. From Melissa Mendes and Anne Elizabeth Moore for the Truthout Ladydrawers series “Our Fashion Year,” this strip on Foreign-Trade Zones somehow caught the imaginations of thousands of readers, […]

Finnish Stats: Kaisa Leka

  Kaisa Leka did some research into the prizes awarded Finnish comics artists in the last four decades. She writes: I hate it when comics have to be explained, but here’s a translation and explanation I wrote on Facebook: Translation: One hat in the drawing represents six “Puupäähattu” comics prizes awarded to a Finnish artist […]

Helsingin Sanomat

Yh­dys­val­lois­sa nai­set tie­naa­vat vä­hem­män kuin mie­het – ku­ten meil­lä­kin. Sar­ja­ku­va-a­lal­la ero on suo­ras­taan hui­kea: nai­sen dol­la­ri on vain 27 sent­tiä. Tä­män sai sel­vil­le Anne Elizabeth Mooren ve­tä­mä La­dyd­ra­wers-­ryh­mä, jo­ka on tut­ki­nut nais­ten ase­maa sar­ja­ku­va-a­lal­la yli nel­jä vuot­ta. Moo­re kä­si­kir­joit­taa ai­he­pii­ris­tä sar­ja­ku­via, joi­ta ryh­män jä­se­net piir­tä­vät. “Su­ku­puo­li on sar­ja­ku­va-a­lal­la pal­jon kor­keam­pi muu­ri kuin muual­la. On vai­kea sa­noa, mis­tä kai­kes­ta […]

Our Fashion Year & Other Projects at URI-EICHEN

We’re pleased to announce the first of our stateside events in 2014, a February art exhibition devoted to our current Truthout series, Our Fashion Year, at URI-EICHEN gallery in Chicago. Our Fashion Year is a year-long, in-depth series of monthly comics reports on gender and labor concerns throughout the international garment and sex trades. You can read them […]

Don’t Be A Dick: The Roster!

Ladydrawers is soooooo excited to announce the artists  for our upcoming collaboration with Bitch Media beginning in January 2014! Don’t Be A Dick will take a close look at comics sales, marketing, readership, and easy steps the industry could take to embrace a more diverse fan base. Our January strip will be an introduction to the […]