Dale Conner-Ulrey: Bio

Originally assistant to Martha Orr, Dale Conner took over the Depression era comic strip, Apple Mary from 1939, and continued to work on it with writer Allen Saunders. Under Conner and Saunders, the comic strip changed dramatically; the strip itself was changed to Mary Worth’s Family. The strip was signed under a combination of both names, Dale Allen. Dale Conner left the strip in 1940, unsatisfied by the work written under Saunders. She would continue to work in 1940s for the comic strips Ayer Lane and Hugh Striver.

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3 thoughts on “Dale Conner-Ulrey: Bio

  1. Dale Conner left “Mary Worth” in 1942 to work with her husband, Frank H.M. Ulrey. He wrote and she illustrated two comic strips, “Ayer Lane” and “Hugh Striver”.

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